About Olov Lindgren AB

Property company that owns, manages and build in Stockholm

Olov Lindgren AB is a family business and has been part of the growth and development of Stockholm since 1938.Hantverkargatan52 (6)

We own and manage 110 properties in Stockholm and offer office premises and rental housing with high quality.

A long tradition and great experience of constructing, renovating and managing buildings has given us a holistic perspective and unique expertise.

Olov Lindgren use proven technology and sustainable materials in all parts of the business. Our focus on sustainability is fundamental to achieve a good property management over time. As a result we do not only save the environment, we also keep our maintenance costs at a reasonable level.


Olov Lindgren will own and manage, acquire and build rental properties preferably in Stockholm.

We will offer the market residential, commercial and office premises of high quality.

With the tenants' needs as our priority, we manage and develop our properties with motivated and well trained staff.